Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Ashy Bines uses Isabelle Caro, a woman who suffered from  and died as a result of anorexia at age 28 to promote her product which is socially irresponsible and inappropriate.

Australia’s self proclaimed Number One Diet Specialist makes an incredible error of judgement by using a photo of Isabelle Caro to promote her product without intelligible blurb which is clearly a grossly negligent post and demonstrates a lack of insight into mental health and the disease of anorexia.
 Isabelle Caro was a model from France who suffered from severe anorexia (which is a Mental Health Illness) and passed away at the young age of 28.
To see Ashy have a “comparison” photo with the poor lady is just horrifyingly and lacks professionalism insight and it is time somebody at ABBBC actually took the time to think about what they are posting before they actually do

 Isabelle Caro would not want to have herself promoted in such a way in fact if she were alive she would be providing insight into the illness which is a death sentence to so many young women. Please if you have an eating disorder contact your doctor urgently so a mental health plan can be put into place to assist you with this debilitating illness.
What is Anorexia Nervosa?
View some of the comments left by her page viewers below.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Why Waste of Money Page Is Now Unpublished.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories as to why the page has been unpublished. Its quite simple. We have reached a point whereby OFT have overseen ABBBC and they have complied with their obligations as set out by the government departments.

I have lost my facebook account permanently as a result of constant reports which were I guess the only way ABBBC had to try and disable the page at the time.

I invited Steven Evans on a number of posts to contact me and he did. He is the CEO of ABBBC and has the authority to speak for and on behalf of his company. He states "We have done everything now to comply with the requests of OFT". This was confirmed by OFT who are working with the trader.

The page was starting to deviate from the purpose which is when I took it over, as a factual, non hating informative and helpful page, to assist people to assert their rights and understand the consumer legislation which underpins consumers.

We provided 10 hours per day for over ten months of effort and information designed to reinforce that clean eating works but the product as previously sold fell short of merchantable quality amongst other things.

Clean eating is a lifestyle change. When ABBBC use the catch phrase lose weight fast, that is still in my books a furphy. It does not take into account the variables of age, personal circumstances or medical conditions. However clean eating is a healthy lifestyle and we have provided you via this blog myriads of options around the world of free resources.

What became intolerable was that our accounts and posts were constantly reported and some of us lost accounts despite appeals for life. Sure we can set up fake accounts but the point is, it is having a negative impact on the aspect of the business which runs bootcamps, and they are the standout of the ABBBC business. Those employed by ABBBC as trainers ought not to be the victims of the issues surrounding the Clean Eating Guidelines.

We have expended enormous resources providing you with all the tools to assist you, and we have written on behalf of the community and effected change via OFT.

What I do not want to see happen to the page is it become a "hate" or "witch-hunt" page.

Have any of you considered that the protest of free distribution of product has cost ABBBC millions of dollars in lost revenue?

Any court who would be issuing sanctions against a company draws a line in the sand when it hands down its findings. If the company re-offends then they face the consequences in the future.

As at today's date they in my view have paid a very high financial and personal price and ought to be given the opportunity to prove that they are willing to work with OFT and continue to comply.

Whilst I am disappointed that so many people would even contemplate that I would sell the page to ABBBC, I can assure I have not. The page will be unpublished and remain dormant. Should they make the mistake of reverting back to previous behaviours then by all means I will hand over the page to anyone who wants to run it.

Whilst its true to say that Steven Evans and Ashy Bines need to polish their communications skills, I think they missed the point of why I managed the page. It was never personal to them, it was about corporate governance and compliance where so many vulnerable women felt cheated and ripped off without the company offering them the appropriate customer service and treatment they deserved as a matter of law.

I still laugh at the thousands of inboxes I received calling me fat keyboard warrior. Whilst my photograph is a very funny meme photo of a famous comedienne, I am neither fat nor having body weight issues. This was an activism stand alone.

The word haters and those who use it show a lack of emotional intelligence and class. It is simply devoid of understanding of the position or opinions of others.

I believe I have given the community every assistance and guidance and availed you all of every link, assistance and advice I possibly could.

I believe after speaking to the page creator who has ultimate veto on whether it stays or goes, is that the page should finish with class and integrity.

I believe it has.

There is enough information now in the market place for consumers to make savvy decisions about products and make informed choices. Do not be seduced by easy weight loss promises by anyone. Weight loss is not easy, factor in your age, your circumstances, and your lifestyle.

The gracious pantry has a myriad of amazing information and we thank them for supporting our blog and for the excellence they provide in the Clean Eating World.

Clean Eating is not new people, it may be the buzz word at the moment but has been around for a long time. Bear that in mind.

I am grateful to all those who took the time to say thank you for our efforts. To those who are derogatory, all I can say is that every battle has its end point  or it becomes persecution. That is not how I wish to be seen nor conduct myself.

To those who have found success in the program, all power to you. The heroes for me will always be the women who work so hard in the forums providing free recipes and kindness to other members in the groups.

Thank you to the admins who worked hard, to those who lost their accounts, some for life, and to those thousands of women and men who provided so much support and information to assist us. You also helped teach ABBBC skills in the  process.

As for me, the blog is all that shall remain as my legacy. I am still waiting on one complaint which is not directly the fault of ABBBC but when it has been resolved by OFT it will be uploaded and involves another business.

To those who think I was paid to hand over the page or give up. Then you obviously have discounted the thoroughness of my work and have misunderstood my motives. I can assure Steven Evans nor anyone associated with ABBBC has not recompensed me financially for the money I have spent advertising paying for legal advice, support and other expenses. They were borne by me alone.

Before purchasing any product people need to use some due diligence, this applies across the board, if the product or service you were sold or provided is not what was advertised the law is there to protect you. Avail yourself of it.

Please note that no free products will be provided by me or any of the admin team. Do your research and make an informed decision.

Kind Regards Anne

Friday, 15 March 2013

ABBBC Reporting Posts in Breach of TOC's of Facebook - Hiding Something?

It seems that some directors, namely Steven Evans, is fiddling whilst Rome is burning. Everything we have done on our page has been legal, and focused on breaches of consumer laws. We were vindicated by the ruling from OFT, and we continue to advocate for our community.

Rather than, after pleading for 12 months for their companies' to change their business model and work toward giving themselves a better name, they continue to attempt to sabotage our community.

We are not breaching Facebook Copyright laws.

We are no longer able to advertise.

We are constantly being reported as are our posts.

Anything to cover up the truth right?

WE DID NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE REMOVAL OF THE ABBBC PAGE. That is something we have no knowledge of until it occurred  we simply followed the instructions given to us by the Office of Fair Trading..... read their letter.

Note, Post made by Ashy Bines which are public posts and some of which we use as our headers are all being reported as our accounts.

We have done nothing illegal, rather protecting clean eaters around the world who are committed to it, and who are entitled to receive what they paid for, and not be mislead habitually.

We concceed there has been improvements as of December 2012, but yet we have managed to find so many further breaches which are duly reported as they should be to the relevant bodies.

This page for those who do not understand or have a legitimate question is not about '[diets]'. We all know clean eating works, it is a lifestyle choice and we support it. What we object to is sabotage, stalking, breaches of consumer legislation, some false testimonials, and the lack of customer service.

There were 2500 reports made to facebook with hundreds of screenshots proving the former ABBBC page had breached TOC's of Facebook and buying likes. In fact we found the multiple companies used by Steven Evans to purchase those likes and were able to link them to facebook investigators.

Ashy Bines Brand, is diminishing the reputation of hard working PT's and other businesses by the conduct in which they have engaged in.

We will blog soon about our complaints once they have been dealt with, we cannot do so until the time comes, as it usurps the investigative bodies rights to run their investigation with unfeterred interruption and without interference from social media.

Here are some examples of the public posts which ABBBC posted and then reported when we used them on our page.

We invite Steven Evans Director to draw a contract up which we will sign stating that he will refund all unhappy customers post ruling via OFT, and further provide contractual guarantees not to engage in misleading and deceptive conduct. Once that is done this page will be unpublished.

To the Gracious Pantry who inspire so many, thank you for your dedication to clean eaters around the world.  Tiffany you are a giant amongst women and your work is a credit to you.

Mr Evans by contrast, why waste your time attacking, reporting and sabotaging our posts , do you
have an issue with the truth?  What a waste of precious time and resources better spent on your business.

Reported Posts (only examples there are 30 of them altogether) - The irony is that ABBBC use other peoples information all the time, steal recipes and attribute them to their own business, including testimonials and photos. So we cannot advertise our page any more, at the very least we earned out likes. Kind Regards Annne

Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Ashy Bines posted the following transformation of Erin on 29 January 2013.

The fact is Erin only ever entered a competition to win $5,000 using the Ashy Bines Competition advertisement run by her fan page. The truth is, Erin did a remarkable and tremendous job, losing weight and has transformed herself into an incredible new look with the help of lap band surgery. As you can see from the blurb, ABBBC failed to disclose the surgery on the thread header and moreover, claimed in essence by stating "our girl Erinl" invited members of the public to take the view that it was an ABBBC Client.

Please be on notice when entering any competition - make sure you read the small print as this is in my opinion how Erin found herself innocently advertised on the ABBBC page. I doubt she ever consented in fact, I would invite Steven Evans or Ashy Bines to provide express written consent to support the post, which I believe they will be unable to produce based on the fact that Erin is a well known and respected blogger who would not put her reputation at risk for and on behalf of Ashy Bines.

As you can see from Erin's comment: "I NEVER SAID I LOST WEIGHT USING ASHY'S PROGRAM EVER"......but it is clear from her interview, that she does not credit Ashy Bines at all watch the video clip.

In fact Erin was featured on Sunrise and at no time does she even speak of Ashy Bines but refers to her surgery and her hard work which achieved the result, she herself earned. 

She tells Sunrise her life was changed because of surgery because she had tried everything, after trying so many diets, she decided she had to make a change, and then had the surgery. She states it was painful and does not work for everyone, but she was willing to go through it, to achieve her amazing results. She makes it clear she did it herself, and gives absolutely NO CREDIT TO ASHY BINES CLEAN EATING DIET PLAN.

Erin should of course be commended, her result is a staggering inspiration to all women who have struggled with yoyo diets, and fad diets. Clearly is she determined, successful articulate and has done a fantastic job. The kudos is hers.

Erin then receives new likers  after being promoted on the ABBBC page so she can try and inspire them to a new weight loss journey through her surgery and life experience.

ERIN DOES NOT PROMOTE ASHY BINES CLEAN EATING DIET PLAN....and has removed any links to it from her web page. Her free work aimed at hundreds of women is a credit to her, and should not be overshadowed by Ashy Bines.

After entering a competition to win $5000 with the Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge Open Competition, she won first prize with the most votes. Which we congratulate her for, however, for it then to become Erin is now an Ashy Bines Girl, with a link to the Clean Eating Diet Plan is the bi-polar opposite of what Erin claims on National TV and is simply untrue.

For the person who took the extra step of reporting the post to camouflage the truth is even more staggering as the post did not breach the Terms and Conditions of Facebook. In fact it was an attempt to camouflage what has become obvious to so many Ashy Bines Fans, and members of the public who are now using the google function, that Ashy Bines will stop at nothing to sell her product no matter whom she compromises in the process.

The only question Erin has to answer is did she consent to it or was it used without her consent? The answer in my opinion is that Erin DID NOT compromise her ethics to promote a product which she did not use but as a result of the competition rules ABBBC has the use the photograph and implied she was their client. That is a breach of ACL legislation and falls under "misleading and deceptive conduct".

The thread was clear and so much praise was given to Erin, by many of our community members to ensure that she understood that her achievements were applauded. The question which was posed by some members was why would ABBBC claim it as there success when Erin is the hero of her own achievements.

What is unconscionable about this is that this transformation was used to induce new customers to buy Ashy Bines Clean Eating Diet Plan, now that is unfair, why because ERIN did not achieve her results using the Ashy Bines Clean Eating Guidelines. Which we will provide you evidence next blog Ashy Bines did not write herself in fact she outsourced it to have it written by a ghost writer via freelancer.

Please note that we have a broader duty to the public to ensure that they understand that ABBBC have been found to be trading IN BREACH OF OFT AND ACL LEGISLATION, and this post abusing Erin's trust constitutes MISLEADING AND DECEPTIVE CONDUCT.

This is not personal to Erin, we reiterate that. Her achievement is hers alone, and kudos for winning 5K and acknowledging that she won it on her blog. My advice Erin is that if you disassociate yourself from Ashy Bines you won the prize, you owe her nothing. Why?so that women who look up to you are then able to be realistic about their journey. Please, I do not believe you consented  for this transformation to  be promoted by Ashy Bines, so I implore you to stand up for all the women who follow and admire you, and be responsible, do not let them down, do let them think that this is how you transformed yourself and made yourself into what you are today. Help them by ensuring that they have a realistic view of how incredible your achievements are.

Clean Eating works, we all believe in it on this page.

To those who do not believe the transformation, it is true, Erin has achieved it and has done an amazing job.

What is completely unethical is for her efforts to be promoted as a result of the Clean Eating Guidelines of Ashy Bines, not to mention unlawful. Consumers, and vulnerable women desperate to emulate this result ought to have the right to know how it was achieved.

As most of the community stated, kudos Erin, you did an amazing job. However please do not stifle our right to freedom of expression, as our page is not about weight loss, it is about the integrity of the weight loss industry and providing real and honest testimonials. Yours is, but not when it was advertised on the ABBBC page and we are not suggesting in any way shape or form you colluded or consented for the public to be mislead in any way. It seems to me in my opinion, you are also a victim of opportunity, for a greedy business who is desperate to make sales at the expense of innocent women.

Let me ask you this does anyone not feel any empathy for the women reading the post on the ABBBC page and being conned? That is really the key here. Truth and integrity clearly a concept foreign to ABBBC Pty Ltd or Clean Eating Enterprises as they now like to be known as.

Amended by Anne Claire O'Loughlin

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


We are going to publish the response to our long complaint to OFT on behalf of the thousands of community members.

You will note we have been referred to other agencies which we will follow up this week with the evidence we have collected.

Whilst Mr. Evans Director, commented on our page to the contrary, stating they have never breached consumer laws, they have in fact been found to have breached the relevant provisions and moreover this has necessitated the involvement of Compliance to force their company to make substantial changes in order to comply with the law.

Up to 5 December 2012, ABBBC Pty Ltd has conducted its business in breach of OFT Legislation and ACL Legislation, therefore unlawfully.

We cannot obtain individual refunds for people, but we were able to provide you with a voice and to effect change to protect new consumers in the future. Please feel free to make your complaints personally in order to get a directive for you to obtain a refund in accordance with your entitlements at law.

I have no doubt that ABBBC Pty Ltd count on the fact that even if directed, their refusal to comply will stop a consumer from taking the final step in the litigation process, which is to use the Small Claims Tribunal System, this is why I have systematically labelled their business one of the best con's to date, because they traded in breach of the law, and the price is factored to be in the lower range to deter people from taking action and enforcing their legal rights.

That is what they count on.

Here is the response, and obviously we have more bodies to contact, although we have a surprise coming for our readers about another complaint which we cannot reveal until the investigation is complete so as to protect the integrity of the investigation by the relevant body.

For all of those who agitated and alleged we were a hate page with an unfounded basis for our community you have just been proven wrong. It was never personal, it was about a company failing to conduct itself without the constraints of enshrined legislation. It has nothing to do with weight loss  it is about corporate integrity which so far has eluded both Mr Evans and Ms Bines.

Please note I did not disclose my personal address so as not give Mr Evans the opportunity to subpoena the file under Freedom of Information, as I did not want him to have the opportunity to stalk me as he did Ms Tara Bates. I would encourage all members or consumers who have purchased prior to 5 December 2012, to make your complaints to OFT, obtain a ruling, and this page will provide advocacy for you so you can attend your states Small Claims Tribunal, including assistance in drafting your complaints, in order to get an Order for payment and costs against this business.

You are entitled to a refund That is the reality.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


One very loyal client of ABBBC prepared her own work and template only to have it stolen by ABBBC Pty Ltd or I should say their new name Clean Eating Enterprises.

When she complained Michelle's post was removed and then she was removed from the forum which she contributed to and paid to be a member of.

To add insult to injury Ashy Bines and Stephen Evans are both making vexatious  DMCA  complaints to drop box and facebook to have drop boxes removed and facebook pages removed which points out the flaws in their businesses, whilst they are in breach themselves of copyright law and Terms and Conditions of Facebook.

Let us start with the documents which have been contributed by members of the public and other authors which Ashy Bines and Steven Evans are claiming as their copyright material.

They are all listed in the files section on the Ashy Bines Clean Eating Facebook Group - which is free to anyone who applies to get into the group (I am in it and I did not pay for access to the forum nor the plan nor anything ashy bines related) so are hundreds of women who simply apply and are accepted after all facebook groups are free, you do not have to pay to access them and let's face it not many people are using the online forum and we have demonstrated that.

Michelle who contributed information she prepared herself and shared with the forum was reported as copyright of Clean Eating Enterprises when she is the author, further they claimed ownership of ebooks which are authored by other people as their own.

When Michelle raised the issue in the forum her post was deleted.

And she was removed from the forum after paying for the Ashy Bines Clean Eating program.

Why does Clean Eating International claim ownership of ebooks and information prepared by their own clients which they share with each other, there could only be one reason, vexatious dishonesty and the incapacity of being able to produce their own work in their words, including inspirational guides and information or additional assistance to their client base. Rather relying on the paying customers to do it for them, and then when they want to share their own information or ebooks which are available on the web free, that is when CAI or ABBBC try to shut it down with dishonest and false DMCA notices to a service provider and facebook.

We already know that Ashy Bines Clients are the heroes of the forum as they do all the work themselves, we also know that the Bootcamps - who are managed by sub contracted PT's or employed PT's are good value so why are they being so deceptive and or willing to plagiarise and claim as their own, authored information which does not belong to them. In my view it is because they behaving with dishonesty.

Inserted by Anne:-

On 10/01/2013 Mr Evans and Ms Bines from Clean Eating Enterprises claimed copyright over material belonging to me, (How to upload ebooks) and from Clean Eaters Group (unrelated to our page and free) Christmas Recipes via DMCA Notice. This disabled the drop box of Clean Eaters a group of women who work for free to motivate and help each other share recipes and support each other.  Nobody at ABBBC nor CEE had a lawful reason to issue the DMCA Notice or interfere with the rights of this group. This is corporate theft, thuggery and even loyal customers of ABBBC are outraged by what has happened to a group of humble dedicated women on this free forum. This company already has been denounced for and proven to have plagiarised work belonging to others, claiming copyright over work and ebooks written by third parties which do not belong the company but to try and cripple a group of 3,800 women and men who are simply working quietly as a community is reprehensible. This conduct outclasses the conduct of Peter Foster the 1990's fitness industry crook.

So I asked Mr Evans personally why he would engage in such conduct and yes I was very terse in my inbox this was his answer:-

This response was the most touching one given that this credible and honest women is an Ashy Bines Brand Supporter, and even to the most loyal of supporters this conduct has in fact made them cringe. Her answer is honest, humbling to Sarah, and Clean Eaters Group and is as fair as you can be especially given she is an ABBBC supporter. (In response to our post on the page which supported this group and outed the conduct of Evans and Bines.

Moreover they further abuse the facebook complaints system to have pages removed they do not like for example they complained and had suspended the following page based on accusations of nudity and sexual deviancy.

This page was called Ashy Bines Offers No Customer Support and Her Diet Plan is a Fraud and was suspended by facebook albeit it is being appealed however all this page carried was our blogs and information which demonstrated the lack of customer service which ABBBC are well versed in removing so as to cull and mislead as many consumers as possible on their fan page and in their forums.

Consider these posts in today's forum which were removed quite promptly I might add.

We have already demonstrated how the new guidelines are flawed and how Ashy Bines Director gives advice which is negligent. What is astounding is for a Clean Eating Forum, the debate within the group is not facilitated by staff who are qualified but used as an advertisement board for Ashy Bines Brand product which are incongruent with Clean Eating.

Curious how the online dietitian who is sub contracted Ashy Bines Guidelines and was hotly debated by the members was removed because it may make Ashy Bines Brand look bad.

What is allowed however is ASN Jaime to promote Cleanse an Ashy Bines Brand Product but as for Accredited Dieticians with Honours Degrees, well they prefer to delete that. Which means when Ashy Bines says she cares about her 'girls' what she really means is as long as you follow my guidelines, do not question me, adore me, adulate me, buy and support my products, then it is all "great babe", otherwise it is deleted and or at worst you are removed from the forum if the question is too hard.

The fighting continues:-

Today ABBBC featured in the Mackay Newspaper the Mercury, not only was the article demonstrably wrong it was misleading. Not in so far as the bootcamps are concerned but there was a lot of hype and not a lot of truth in what was said for example she does not have 500K fans you only have to check right now.

Anne's response to the article:-

Perhaps since your company seems to have got the bootcamps right, you might concentrate your efforts on getting your Clean Eating Guidelines Business Right, after all OFT has been issuing compliance notices, you have had thousands of complaints and refused refunds even when OFT has directed you to provide them, forcing people to have to opt for the Small Claims Tribunal and all the while knowing that people, customers, ordinary Australians some who are battlers,  have paid their money, not received the product or service and they are going to walk away because you make it too hard.

What you do not like however is the fact that your being called out on your unlawful and poor behaviour so you engage in tactics which are so reprehensible and dishonest you abuse social network not only to sell your product and mislead women, but to freeze accounts of genuine customers who complain, or who have a page to illustrate your poor behaviour, then you act, you stalk the person like Bernadette who has her own blog, you try and subscribe to her account and try to find where she lives? That is not normal behaviour for business owners. Normally one works on how to create a customer service model, and improve it then this blog and this page is no longer needed. Have you not understood this? Do you think engaging in sabotage and vexatious dishonesty makes you look even worse?

Trying to hack accounts?

Meanwhile this is the type of behaviour your staff engage in on a public forum which shows lack of discipline and is vulgar and unprofessional, especially from an Admin Member such as Trudie Teitz whom Anne has a great deal of respect?

Now it is commendable that Ashy Bines Brand wants to donate money to charity, we would suggest she assists Beyond Blue or Mental Health Services Organisations because a lot of the women on the forum suffer from depression associated with weight loss including anxiety, but whilst I applaud her public offer, I have to say that it is very similar to what Sweat2Shred did prior to her decision to make this announcement as they donate money to an Abused Children Charity Of course anyone who contributes to charity ought to be commended but it seems strikingly similar to the  model of the new business of Sweat2Shred, lest we forget ABBBC used their post to promote on their page, trying to pass off the photo as their own without disclosure.

In my view the google search engines are so tainted with poor reviews and information that I am somewhat cynical, I think it is being done in an attempt to restore some sort of creditability, it is like mitigation prior to sentencing in a court case.   So yes Trudie, she may want to help people out, but what about helping the thousands of clients who have made her millions of dollars which she walked away from, abandoned, and refused to provide the service and advice? Do you not think they ought to be helped out too?

It is easy to say I just want to help people, doing it with integrity and candour is another.

Lastly, I think we are all sick of the people who visit the page and make the most atrocious comments and dare to call us unreasonable. Here is an example of what we put up with everyday.

We will not address the first post as what we explained to her was that this page was not about the bootcamps, that they were generally well received, the issue was the Clean Eating Guideline and Forums.

We are being fair, we do this pro bono, we work full time, we have families, we are certainly not bored, nor sad and not in the least bit angry. We get annoyed when our accounts are frozen and or attempts are made to hack them or when our pages get suspended by deceitful means but we certainly are motivated.  It takes guts, hard work to balance the facts and information without emotion. To spend our own money to promote posts to make sure people make AN INFORMED DECISION -  why? because we do not want them on our page wanting help - having to rehouse them and help them with refunds. We want ABBBC to provide the service and advice that comes with the product they sell to everyday women who do not attend bootcamp.

No need to pity us Cassie Mather we are a proud team of advocates who give a voice to so many women  we wish we did not have to do, which is why we implore Brand Ashy Bines to address it. Activism is a tough job and not always popular however we do it with quiet dignity, and respect.

We acknowledge the dedication of so many members of our community who help selflessly to assist each other and the admin team.

We as a collective to not blame anyone, however we demand that Brand Ashy Bines complies with ACL and OFT / Consumer Legislation just like everyone else has to. We concede that there is always going to be an attrition rate of 5% in every business. However we represent almost half of the paying customer base of 50,000 or if you read the facebook forum numbers is only 40,000.

However make the distinction please and read the information. Again for those who are confused, we support clean eating, and in particular we support the women who were former clients of ABBBC and who opened their own group with 3,500+ members for the excellent work they do everyday, free of charge providing advice and service, recipes and information to women who need it. FREE:-

We do not believe that the guidelines prepared by Ashy Bines are sustainable in the long term and it is "not clean eating" to be selling artificial products such as proteins or cleanse. Clean Eating has the answers to those solutions. We also do not believe in the way ABBBC permitted and continue to permit women to buy and sell and or advise each other over banned substances, or other substances that is not clean eating and it could be dangerous.

If Ashy Bines was serious about this business she would work hard and continue to educate herself in Nutrition, she would have staff on the facebook forum answering questions, and the online forum would be properly managed. In my view however ABBBC cannot afford to do that - why because the price factor does not permit lifetime support and payment of professionals for prolonged periods therefore that is why we say the clients are the heroes because they do all the work themselves and in so doing they let ABBBC off the hook.

Now I could put example after example of the documents and information created free by customers to help one another, but it would make this blog ten pages. I have the screenshots however in the event I am asked to prove it. One only needs to look in the file section of the Ashy Bines Clean Eating Facebook Group. It should be noted that Ashy Bines and Steven Evans Claim them as their own and continue to make copyright claims from the work created by others.

Written by Cathy Brophy.
Updated by Anne 11/1/2013